Saturday, 2 April 2011

Spoken Word

Social Media is a catch 22 thing.  
The PLN is extraordinary.  I live in a small town,  and this connects me like nothing before.  
On the flip side, I am a talker.  Insanely committed to the spoken word.  Inflection, tone, nuance. 
I lack the ability to “speak” online. Lots of people can. Inflection, tone, nuance. 
So. What I write,  and what I mean are sometimes at odds. 
So. If I am ever unclear in 140 characters, here are trillion to explain it.
I believe in exaggerating
I believe in kindergarten
I believe that the child who has confidence will rock this world
I believe it is my pleasure to give them that
I believe I am preparing kids for life, not school
I believe that is crazy talk - 
I believe that I should be prepared for them, not the other way around
I believe play, exploration, curiosity
I believe in high hopes, failure, and persistence
I believe in experiences before expectations
I believe learning is subtle, explosive, silent, screaming, sneaky
I believe we grow better scattered with others than planted in rows
I believe listening to a child is easier than listening to a grownup
I believe in tangents
I believe in a good tea party with really tiny teacups
I believe I will change my mind, probably soon
I believe I will change direction, probably soon
I believe I can live with that
I believe this is narcissistic and longwinded
I believe that’s me! 
I believe in weeds. I once was one. 
I believe I still am. 

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  1. "I believe that we grow better scattered with others than planted in rows." This gave me chills. I want it painted on a plaque and hung in every classroom at my school. Do not underestimate yourself, my friend. You "speak" online very clearly, very eloquently, and your voice is so important. Thank you.