Saturday, 26 March 2011


More to blogging than I thought. In addition to brilliant things around me,  I had to do things like choose a name.  It stopped me really. Thought of the great blogs I read. Miss Night Mutters  ? Look At My Happy Rainbow? flyontheclassroomwall  Kinderchat? Mrs anybodies everything . . .

I love the happyrainbow sprouts reference. KinderGarden.  Again, brilliant.  My  Kinders visit my garden every year.  It is a sorry excuse for a garden. Tiny, with a greenhouse built by me and my t'other  out of old windows. Seriously, fewer than 100 square feet growing space and a short growing period.

Kinda like kindergarten.

But kinders bring magic to the garden. They believe. Stuff grows.

So we give 'em the soil, seeds, a soak, sun, smiles, support.   But we don't pull the weeds. A kinder was adamant about that. "What if you're wrong?" she argued.  So we give the weeds their space.

I teach kinder because it feels like the best place - where weeds are welcome, tended, allowed to thrive. They might grow into anything. So much possibility.  Brilliant.

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