Sunday, 17 April 2011

“They are acting like kindergarteners”

Heavy sigh.  It is election time in the great white north,  and this comment has come up more than once to describe our political culture - yelling, stomping, tantrums, a refusal to listen, bullying, fingers in the ears blah blah blah. 

I am a patient woman, but if ANYONE refers to this type of behavior as “kindergarten” again, I will lose it all over them.  
You WISH our governments acted like kinders. 
You WISH our corporations acted like kinders. 
You WISH our adults acted like kinders. 
Kinders are curious and openminded.
KInders learn from mistakes, and unexpected consequences, and failure.
Kinders watch, and listen, and reflect, and try again.
Ever seen a kinder negotiate for a prized toy? 
Ever seen a kinder bounce back from disappointment and frustration? 
Ever seen a kinder look at another and say “I can help you with that”
Ever seen an idea bounce from one kinder brain to another and another to create greatness?  
Without the argument that “My brilliance is shinier and better than yours! “ 
I have. Kinder teachers know. We are there, modeling, coaching, engaging, expecting, celebrating.  
Maybe we need kindergarten kids and their teachers in parliaments and board rooms. Not elected or as CEOs, good heaven’s no.  As facilitators, mentors, reminders.  That what we teach our youngest should matter. It should be reflected in the society that they are RIGHT NOW looking up to.  Time for you to stop acting like adults, and start acting like KIndergarteners . 


  1. I have had the same conversation with friends and family time and time again!! Couldn't agree more - if only people in charge acted like K's!

  2. Yes, politicians should have to have circle time and playtime too; it might help them to play together more nicely.