Friday, 8 April 2011

Pencil Cases

I am privileged to teach 34 little ones everyday.  Still a half day program,  so it is hectic and fast paced.  16 in the morning, 18 in the afternoon. You develop this dark desire to be organized so that you can find the treasured time to slow down every once in a while.  

So. I go through stages with the little one supplies - we share everything, to keep it simple. Table tins at the beginning of the year,  tool tins for two as we go along. Finally,  in the last three months, pencil cases.  The kids go through our class store,  and collect what they think they might need - scissors, pencils, science colors, artists crayons, glue to stick stuff together.  Of course an eraser.  We don’t use erasers in kinder.  Not until now. Not until we get a pencil case.  
After all that sharing, the pull and pleasure that a pencil case of your very own brings is palpable for some. One little one asked another why pencil cases? Her friend replied “Well, duh! You can’t go to grade one without a pencil case!” 

Because a pencil case is like a driver’s license.  A rite of passage to the big kids world. Even with all the wonder of technology that I find miraculous, and a 5 year old finds mundane, this is still true. 
So.  In this new-to-me world of social media that would be more aptly named learning media, I want to make sure my little ones pack a pencil case of the things they might need - communication, collaboration, reflection, connection, curiosity,  an eraser, and glue to stick stuff together. 

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