Friday, 13 July 2012

The Rock Stars of Play

So. Edcampkinder reflections.  Meeting some of the #kinderchat dream team face to face in Vegas of all places.   I told an absent Patty:  Don’t worry - it will feel like you are there!  I lied.  Wireless headaches aside, it can’t feel like you are there. She was right to start a counter #edcampkinder movement called #grouchycamp.  It affects you deeply.  
I told Patty that it was weird.  I stand by that.  It is not the right word to describe it, but it is weird.  Like Alice through the Looking Glass weird. And unsettling. And butterflies in the tummy.  Because it is a huge deal.  These are minds you have lurked, retweeted, engaged with, DMed, snarked with, collaborated with, shared Twitter and Skype and Facebook and Google hangouts with.  
But let’s face it.  Seriously. Face to Face it.  There they are in real life, sitting across from you.  Each bringing a uniquely rich and diverse personality to the table.  Joking, sharing, connecting, gesturing wildly, intense, passionate, reflective,  #CanyouSingitSister/BrotherAMEN!
And you lean back and think - these people are Rock Stars to me. And I get to PD in the pool with them.  I get to dump an expensive conference session because I don’t want to miss a thing. I get to lament the fact that I did not spend nearly enough time with each and every one of them. I get to wish more could have come.  I get to feel like I am namedropping when I mention them to others. I get to smile when amazing Principal @ChrisWejr want to be our #kinderchat principal.  I get to meet THE  Lisa Murphy AKA  @OoeyGooeyLady because I think she sees this  #Kinderchat PLN as Rock Stars too. 
And yet, we are not.  We are Educators.  From small towns, cities, quiet schools, massive districts. Engaged in the task of advocating for Play. Many operating covertly like 007.   Over and over, at the conference, in side conversation, I heard the educator’s lament  “I feel so alone where I am. No-one knows that I think this way. Thank heavens there are others who think this way.” 
So, my take-away? Another Just for Me Epiphany?   Time to get fierce people. Time to stop saying “I’m alone” and start shouting “Here I AM! We Play in MY room!”  
And so, if you are lurking - step out, step in, get fierce.  You are definitely not alone.  

So to all of the  #kinderchat PLN, thanks is too small a word.  

To #edcampkinder Protector of Play Rock Stars @hechternacht @LirenmanLearns @MauiMickey @Garrioch @Matt_Gomez @happycampergirl @tashacowdy @Havalah @Mr_Fines 

To our Virtual #edcampKinder crew - it was messy and hectic and amazing to bring you in via Skype and Facetime : )  @mrsmelva @pattymcn @erocklewitz @tori1074 @jasongraham99 @soltauheller  Sorry that we missed connecting with everyone who wanted to. 

PS  Can I  trademark the word fierce? 


  1. Wish I was there !!! Maybe next year ! @pattymcn

  2. Ah, you make me smile. I have to meet you in real life someday. I think the world might explode if this happened though. Glad you guys had a great time.


  3. I love this post Mardelle. I love that I met you and Matt, and Jon, and Tasha, and Heidi, and Stacey, and Michelle, and Amy, and Marya face to face in Las Vegas. Oh and how could I forget Lisa, who I know nothing about but am now furiously learning more about. You people are incredible educators and I feel blessed to have been able to experience #edcampkinder with you. Power to the little people I always say. Anyone need a grade one partner to play with?

  4. Love it! Great job. You are the leader of fierce

  5. Mardelle, what a great post about our face to face meet. You have nailed it!!

  6. I followed your link from Twitter. I just wanted to wish you a great summer vacation and a wonderful 2012-13 school year.
    ~ Michael