Monday, 30 July 2012

Photo Blog Challenge

#Kinderblog2012: Question numero cinq!

Choose 5 objects from around your home (NOT your classroom!) that tell us something about you: as a teacher or as a person. Take pictures of the objects and post them with captions. The real challenge here: the captions should be no longer than a regular tweet-- that is, 140 characters.

Ok. This I can do.  I have missed most of the challenge questions. 
But this I can do. Except the 140 character thing. 
Seriously Amy. You have met me.  

My Great Great Grandparents chose to leave the security of their 
home in the late 1800's to strike out for a new life with their clan. 
He was 95. She was 101. 
All that I am comes from pioneers like these. 
Hunter, Graham, Walker, Wise.  My family.  

Looks like history matters to me. Almost as much as reading.  
My old books are all from my family.  Open an old book? 
The smell, the texture, the beautiful text and covers. 
Two of these were presented to my 
Great Aunt Annie in 1897 for "verses memorized". 

Ah. Collections of random stuff.  But significant to me. 
These were collected over the year after my Dad passed.  
I have this kind of thing everywhere.
 Little collections of specific times in my life. 

My back yard and garden is a haven and a spot to help me recreate (in a tiny way) for my kinders what I had as a kid - a huge farm, a constant invitation to play.  
Makeshift, found stuff, forts and figure it out.  
The bracelet came from a kinder last summer, and it symbolizes why 
working with young children is the only way I plan to spend my life : ) 
 A bit of a cheat here - this photo comes from 

Finally. The photo that says it all.  
A glittery Ukulele ready to play on a piano 
that has been in my family since 1916. 
This represents all the crazy assed, half baked ideas 
that constantly bubble out of my brain that 
NEVER come to fruition : ) 
I do not play it. It is unlikely that I ever will. 
But, I might : ) 

So. Here is to all the things in your world 
that have been, are, and may still be. 


  1. YOU ARE LIKE SUNSHINE, warm and wonderful. Beautiful, beautiful post.

  2. Ah, intentions...what would we have if not to dream and intend on doing something amazing. Love all this!

  3. thanks for sharing.

  4. Congratulations! This is the best thing, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.