Thursday, 11 August 2011

The undone classroom

Lots of buzz out there about the undone classroom. Bare walls.  Clean slate.  Children will fill the walls with authentic learning.  Tossing the desk.  I agree, to a degree. I certainly have not had a desk since my first class set a beaver tail and feet on it over 20 years ago.  Had a piano for a while and loved it.   Played the weeds in, set stuff on it.  
Still no desk, but a Kinder room is different.   Ask any #kinderchat teacher. The environment is the third teacher.  Contemplating the set-up, ebb and flow, potential for play, discovery, learning consumes me like no day-planner ever has.  I gut my room over and over through-out the year. Re-imagine it.  Fellow teachers are often confused and unsure as to why I would do that. On purpose. 
My classroom is 
          a mirror, 
a portal, 
a reflection 
a diving board. 
It is haven and harbour.  
It provides calm and chaos. 
It hides treasures and hollers “Look at me!” 
So.  My day-planner remains empty.  That is for my weeds to fill, once I get to know them. 
But my room? A new weed yelped at me in the grocery store the other day. “HEY!!! You get to be in my classroom!!!”  I have to agree.  I get to be.  It had better be ready for her. While her classroom does not boast fancy bulletin boards and borders,  it will be ready.  Waiting, expecting, and as curious about her as she is about it.  Because when a weed walks through my door, it is not me who first holds her attention. It is the room.  Her room. His room. Our room. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a delightful style of writing; made me think, made me smile.
    I'm thinking I am very ready for tomorrow morning, but, like you, the room is a little bare and I have a difficult time deciding just what the children should do before I actually meet them and learn what they need.

    Hope you have a great year