Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nope. Can’t. Not right now. Thoughts as I read this week's blog challenge. 
Tell the story of one specific child, who walked into your life and changed everything.
In a week of midnight accidents, ambulances, trauma, hospitals, and decisions. In a week of support, sounding board, stress and release. This is something I could let go of. Brain too busy.  Heart too heavy.  
But then I sat, down time, at MacD’s, writing in longhand no less. Cathartic in itself.  Because of that idea of changing everything, and how tiny that can be. 
I also had chosen not to write because I couldn’t focus on “the one” without another “one” creeping in.  I couldn’t write about “the child”, but today, I can write about this child. 
Unknown to me, a little weed from my class saw me go into the same grocery/pharmacy store that she was in. While I was preoccupied with prescriptions and consults, messages of medical jargon, she bided her time, poking down aisles, peeking. When she saw me - a long run, a huge hug, and a made-for-me bracelet fashioned from her pocket of craft bits she always seems to have. Dangling as well, a green grocery bread tag. More hugs, giggles, I miss you’s, a chat with mom, and off she went. 
She left me able to breath. Able to think. Able to continue to do those grown-up things that need to get done. Because now  I look at my pink plastic loop with Betty Boop and a bread tag and I smile. 
No other job on the planet matches mine. Take my work home? Sure. Homesick for work? Yep. Because my work hugs me in a grocery store and changes everything. 


  1. "my work hugs me in a grocery store and changes everything"
    OH YES!! People tell me all the time that I'm crazy to wish my Summer away so I can be back in school...They don't understand how a hug can turn everything around! Thanks for this!

  2. This is so well put! So been there! I love the bread tag most of all.