Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hey, It's Me!

Blog Challenge 3

Imagine that a parent of one of your students, stumbling around the internet, happened to land on your blog. Not your class blog with your cute photos of all your munchkins and their amazing brilliant work. Your personal teacher-reflection blog, the one where your intended audience is mostly other teachers. Pretend that parent managed to figure out exactly who you were, and that you were their child's teacher. What would you want that parent to know? What would you say to that parent? Write the letter that you would want that parent to read.

I guess I would say, Hello.  

I take what I do seriously. It is important. It matters.  People are sometimes surprised by the passion and intensity with which I approach the education of young children.  That can irritate me.  Parents appreciate that bit of crazy. Because it is not just about any child.  It is about their child. 

So if a parent found my blog? I would say read on. Read the old posts, read the new posts. The kinders are always so thrilled to see me out of the school.  In real life.  This is no different.  This is me. Thinking out loud.  It can get messy : )  

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  1. "This is me. Thinking out loud. It can get messy" Beautiful!