Tuesday, 21 May 2013

KNooks - A Kindergarten Care Project

My K's helped me with a #genuishour  and Angela Maiers  inspired Passion Project :  A Documentary, Kindergarten Style :  

Documentary from Mardelle on Vimeo.

So.  A goal this year was to spend a third of the day outside.  It  has led to  deeply connected and powerfully rich experiences, both for myself and my students.   A long lost blog ( I so wish that I could find it ) mentioned the power of naming the spaces that you go to.  So I started with the idea of a nook - I had many as a kid -  and added the K for fun.   KNooks (nooks )  was born.

The simple act of naming places has transformed the way we think about our community.  When we go out,  k's are constantly defining,  shaping, personalizing, owning, caring for and committing to  the knooks around us.


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